Founded in 1982 by Les Rosenthal, who was joined by Bob Collins in 1988, Rosenthal Global Securities is a leading Chicago-based proprietary trading firm with offices in Chicago and New York. We are focused on Fixed Income and Futures Markets and we believe our ability to adapt and our unique knowledge of these markets has contributed to our longevity. Our talented, experienced traders, state-of-the-art robust technology, and strong capital base allow us to continue to grow.

Our history in the markets run deep: Les Rosenthal has been directly involved in virtually every aspect of the futures and options industry, holding a record for being voted to the most board positions simultaneously. Bob Collins brings over 50 years of keen operational experience and insightful strategic vision that have played a critical role in the success of RGS. It is this unequaled leadership,combined with our attention to detail and a commitment to integrity, that have shaped Rosenthal Global Securities into a powerful proprietary trading firm offering our traders opportunities they cannot find elsewhere.